Hopkins County Kentucky
Hopkins County Kentucky
Devra Steckler
Our office is pleased to provide the community with an online
resource to help residents and visitors obtain information and
conduct business with us. We hope you find this website a
useful and friendly environment that serves your needs in an
efficient, cost-effective and secure mann
Our Mission:

The mission of the Office of the Clerk is to function as a team
dedicated to the residents of  Hopkins County by preparing and
maintaining accurate records, furnishing assistance in an
understanding and compassionate manner, and providing
services with competence, professionalism, and courtesy in
compliance with laws, rules, and regulations.
    24 Union  Street
    Madisonville, KY. 42431
    (270) 821 7361
Devra Steckler is currently serving as the Hopkins County Clerk, and was
elected in November 2010 to her fifth term
Beginning her first term in 1993 and to date, Devra has spent many
hours working and planning; Seeking ways to make positive change in
the daily routine and outdated practices in the Clerk's Office. Delivering  
what the Hopkins County taxpayers expect  in the Clerk's Office has
always been and is still priority. Over the years the Clerk's Office has
moved into the technology age, becoming faster, easier and more
efficient for taxpayers to access our services. By staying current with all
the technology that becomes available assures the preservation of the
counties documents and legal records  for generations to come, saving
time and money for the taxpayers and Hopkins County.  
  • Vehicle registration, transfers, and handicap placards

  • Recording all legal documents

  • Marriage license

  • Delinquent taxes

  • Voter registration and elections

  • Notary Application

  • Voter Registration, conduct elections          
Office Open:

Monday  -  Friday 7:30am - 4:30 pm

Closed weekends and legal holidays.
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Total Population Hopkins County Based on Census 2010...46,920. Registered Voters 2014...32,630
Republicans...9,227. Democrats...21,669. Other...1,088. Independents...604. Libert...32. Green...6.
Const...2. Reform...2. Soc and Wk...0. Number of women voters 17,427. Men voters...15,201   
12/31/13 to 10/29/2014